Peter Triantos is a contemporary artist, specializing in high-end, investment grade art produced specifically for residential and corporate spaces for over 30 years in Toronto. As a result of partnerships with designers, architects and developers, his paintings have been placed worldwide in model suites, lobbies and private collections across North America and Europe. 

                Prolific and creative abstract artist Peter Triantos lives and works in Toronto where his work is featured in many of his galleries. He has successfully represented himself while further developing his astonishing artistic styles. Fascinated with sculpture and old master paintings as an avid collector himself, he projects his own unique vision through abstract expressionism. Beyond the limits of the large scale canvas, exploration of vivid colour, his work conveys emotion and energy of human nature through his gestural brushstrokes, bold style and thick impasto blended into his signature diverse style naturally. Activity and movement in his works, reveals the true identity of the artist himself.

              Worldwide growing demand of his artworks has lead to the expansion of another gallery and an 14,000 square foot showroom in Toronto. Currently, he is represented by Georges Berges Gallery in New York.





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