Canadian contemporary artist Peter Triantos specializes in high-end, investment grade fine art produced for residential and corporate spaces. Prolifically creative, he lives and works in Toronto where he has successfully represented himself for many years while further developing his innovative artistic styles. He has forged partnerships with designers, architects and developers, placing his paintings in private collections, model suites, and major lobbies across North America and Europe. Due to growing global demand for Peter Triantos’ neo-abstract expressionist works, expanded to a fifth downtown Toronto gallery, next to the Annex flagship gallery not long after opening another art gallery in the InterContinental Hotel Yorkville.

Peter Triantos creates radiant and harmonious worlds of intelligent colour, subtle yet explosive energy and vibrant emotion. Through his splashing paint technique, gestural brushstrokes, and liberal use of impasto Triantos produces large-scale impactful works that are bold, visually striking and tender. For his many fans and collectors, he offers a euphoric breath of fresh air, he brings dynamic new ways to articulate his core belief: that art can and should be joyful, passionate and intrinsically aesthetic.

Peter Triantos has a diverse and vast body of work, each breathtaking series he creates is a thoughtful departure from the last. The hit ‘Jelly Bean’ series is a visual euphony of positive energy and joy. Intense colours and bold brush strokes come together to become lively arrangements that are simple yet sophisticated. In ‘Splash of Colour II’ series, his dynamic use of saturated colors produce a vibrant, confident and audacious composition; a beautiful expression of movement, passion and vitality. Triantos’ spectacular ‘Napa Valley’ series is highly sought after and a designer's favorite. In this abstract ode to the vineyards of Napa Valley, Triantos’ thrown paint technique reaches new heights, encapsulating the essence of nature, offering the viewer an appreciation of its ultimate balance. His ‘Winter Paradise’ series exudes luxury, each piece has a distinctly calming beauty of its own.

In summer 2018, Peter had numerous successful group/solo shows in NY. The sell-out New York solo show and charity event ‘Equation’ were incredibly rewarding. Triantos painted live alongside the orchestra and create a spectacular ‘SPII’ piece in seven and a half minutes. Proceeds from the New York show tickets, as well as the auctioned artwork, went to the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Centre at Thomas Jefferson University. August 2018 Triantos hosted a fantastic solo art show in his studio located in Toronto where captivated a considerable number of art collectors, friends and supporters. In September 2018, Peter Triantos was honored to be a part of the wonderful event ‘Après Noir’ where he exhibited his fine abstract art in an event that encapsulates and imports the best of live entertainment in an opulent event. Triantos continues to take part in many renowned international art exhibitions in 2018; SCOPE New York, SCOPE Basel, SCOPE Switzerland, Auckland Art Fair with Philippe Guggenheim and SCOPE Miami, partnered with Florian Kappe Fine Arts, an art dealer based in London and Germany. Triantos is currently represented in Chelsea, New York by Philippe Guggenheim of HG Contemporary.

A humanitarian who loves to give back, Peter Triantos is honored to have contributed to the Bay Crest Brain Project and 'Teddy Bear' for Children Aid Foundation, and has donated ‘Jelly Bean’ pieces to the Mount Sinai Hospital, the Gold Medal Plates Olympic Foundation, CIBC Fund raising ‘Swap for a Cause’, Geneva Centre for Autism, Matthew House in support of refugees and other great paintings from different series’ to Gildas Club and The Advocates’ Society. He also donated a sensational ‘SPII’ piece to a 'Water for Peace' in support of the Rainmaker Enterprise –an organization dedicated to creating solar-powered water infrastructure for safe human consumption and sustainable agriculture in South Sudan. Peter is delighted to continue his philanthropy by contributing to the Camp Oochigeas “Paddle Project” for childhood cancer, for which he chose the remarkable ‘Jelly Bean’ design, and to the Annual Charity Bowl in support of the Serge Ibaka Foundation, to inspire children around the world to believe in themselves no matter how hard their circumstances are.