Installing artworks in your home, movie set, office or business?


With one-of-a-kind Peter Triantos Original artwork rental program, our consulting team will help you find the painting to best fit your personal preference, unique interior and style. You may consider renting to decorate your office space, home staging for property sale, a short term event or trying out an artwork as a potential decorative piece while you consider a purchase. We are able to provide a sophisticated selection to meet our client’s budget, time frame, and artistic sensibility for the most competitive price. We cater to any given events, private spaces, hotels, hospitals, movie film, TV shows, and corporations. Our Galleries provide you with the utmost personalized services, beginning with one on one consultations with our curators, complimentary shipping, installation and de-installation. 


Here is our simple step guide to choosing your perfect work.
1. Consulting     

  • Available over phone, email or in person. Contact a Peter Triantos Art Gallery today to assist you.

2. Selection   

  • All paintings can be viewed on 'AVAILABLE'
  • Contact us for availability of artwork before your selection.

3. Installation

  • Our professional installers will provide a service free of charge within the GTA.

4. Rental and buy out option  

  • A small percentage of the original value of the painting will be charged monthly. 
  • We request a 25% refundable deposit of the paintings overall cost; which will be refunded when the piece is returned. 
  • The painting may be purchased at any time during the rental period. We offer certain rates depending on if a yearly lease has been made. The rate of a buy out option is as below;
  • Example ; original value of a Peter Triantos artwork  $10,000
  • After leasing a painting for 1 year, you may purchase the painting at 60% of the original value = $6,000
  • 2 years at 50% of the original value = $5,000
  • 3 years at 40% of the original value = $4,000
  • 4 years at 30% of the original value = $3,000