InterContinental Hotel


We make the process easy for our friends who wish to rent one-of-a-kind Peter Triantos Original artworks; beginning with one on one consultations with our curators, complimentary shipping, installation and de-installation with the minimum of 6 months rental. We believe the curated selection of artworks below will look fantastic in the InterContinental Hotel; we would be delighted to bring a few pieces of your interest in to see how they look and decide on the best fitting works together. If there is a certain piece you are interested in that has not been included in this selection, please let us know. We request a 25% deposit of the paintings original value, which will be refunded when the piece is returned but we are happy to waive it for you. The monthly rate of these pieces is $800.00 per piece however, we are happy to work with you for an artist discounted rate of $200.00 per piece and ask that the initial 3 months are to be paid up front. Peter Triantos is always creating new and exciting artworks, and as renters, you won't have to worry about missing out on his next masterpiece because you are able to exchange your selected pieces every six months. If another client wishes to buy the artwork during a rental period, the renter will always be offered priority of purchase. However, if the renter does not wish to purchase the artwork, they are free to exchange it for another gorgeous work in Peter Triantos Art Gallery's available inventory. Renters are free to purchase the painting at any time during the rental period, Peter Triantos Art Gallery is dedicated to helping you find the perfect one-of-a-kind original artworks to best suit your stylistic needs.



Artworks 48" x 60"


Artworks 48" x 72"